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My 1993 RX-7 Modifications

View my Gallery

These are before and after pictures of my RX-7 when modifications were made.


My Engine bay with only the hand polished UIM


Same day

Engine Bay after the IC Hard Piping



Engine after Blitz FMIC and GReddy Airinx



Engine after Greddy Pulley Kit




Performance Parts on my car

Blitz Front Mount Intercooler kit

  • When the stock boost levels are exceeded, it is wise to upgrade the intercooler to cool the hot air discharged from the turbocharger.
  • Approximately 6hr install without prior knowledge of intercooler system.  Slightly difficult to understand pictures as text is in Japanese.
  • English installation guide here

GReddy Airinx Dual Air Filters w/ aluminum piping  

  •  Less restrictive air flow allows for faster spool up from turbochargers.

  • Approximately 1hr install with basic tools.  Harder to remove old air box than install new system.  Unexpected benefit: Increased whistle sound make by turbochargers that sounds amazing under hard boost

 Apexi Power FC and Commander

  • Full Computer ECU Replacement is not only faster to respond to engine conditions but allows for manipulation of both fuel maps and ignition timing and more.

  • Approximately 1 hr install.  Remove passenger kick plate and install was easy.  No screws hole are present on new unit so it must be fastened by other means.  My unit was preprogrammed for my mods and although that is not recommended, it worked wonderful for my car.  Tuning is recommended to be done on dyno with datalogger and wideband O2 sensor equipment.

Efini Y pipe

  • Pipe coming from twin turbocharger assembly carrying hot discharged air to intercooler.  This part can be found on stock 1999 RX-7s only in Japan.

  • 2hr to install.  When it is the only modification done to the car at that time, it is recommended to combine it with a FMIC installation.  The bottom piece leaves little room for aftermarket BOV in stock position.


GReddy 3 Pc Aluminum Piping for Intercooler

  • Pipes replace OEM plastic parts connected to intercooler that commonly cause boost leaks.  Metal pipes allow for higher boost levels and better boost response.

  • Approximately 1hr to install.  "S" shaped piece seems like it will rub with engine belts, very small clearance.  These pieces are used for stock IC setup and when going to a front mount the "S" pipe is no longer necessary.. 

Mild Steel Downpipe

  • Replaces restrictive pre-catalytic converter which tends to clog and damage engines

  • I did not install this component.

High Flow Main Catalytic Converter

  • Replaces Main catalytic converter with higher flowing unit allowing for a more free flowing exhaust while having the ability to pass smog tests.

  • Approximately 1.5hr install.  Not difficult, just plan ahead and make sure that all connections are not welded on before attempting to remove old cat.  Added bonus: Standing the old cat on end and watching chunks of it fall to floor.

Apexi N1 Single Pipe Cat Back

  • Excellent replacement for exhaust tip increasing not only performance, but profile and sound.  Best for midrange performance.

  • I did not install this unit


  • This unit discharges excess boost created by the turbochargers when the throttle is released.  Replaces OEM Blow Off Valve which discharged back into air box causing turbulence in air flow.

  • Easy to install on stock engine.  One line goes to turbocharger assembly (lower piece on Y Pipe) and second goes to the intake manifold  behind the throttle body where boost gauge commonly goes.


Silicone Vacuum Hoses

  • Not only does this modification provide actual benefits to engine components but it also dresses up any engine nicely.

  • 2-3hrs to install.  Underneath the intake manifold (UIM) is a nest of vacuum lines for the twin turbo control.  those lines are subjected to high heats and tend to get brittle and crack over time.


Greddy Pulley Kit

  • This modification is a more controversial one, as it may not apply to weekend warriors

  • Cleaner engine bay, less load on engine when accelerating


Greddy Pully Set 93+ RX-7

Mille Miglia MM11PLUS 17" Rims

  • 235 all around

Miscellaneous Upgrades

  • Magnacore 10mm Spark Plug Wires
  • Pillar mount Boost gauge and Water Temp gauge
  • Strut bar
  • Tokico 5-way adjustable Struts
  • Hawk Brake Pads
  • '99 Spec taillights




This site is meant to give inflation related to the 199

3 (o)Mazda RX-7 Twin Turbo.  Anything from rotary engines to wiring diagrams and turbo upgrades to tuning info, this site has it all! efini 93 rx7 13b anfini Turbo RX-7 Turbo RX7 turbo rx7 rx7tt rx-7tt  As well as the Rotary Engine Pickup Truck aka REPU repu