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Apex Seals

Diagram of 2 Piece Seal


Apex seals are one of the most mysterious and hated parts of the rotary engine.  The "weakest link" in the rotary engine, these seals are the first thing to break when an engine fails.  Whether it be lean fuel mixtures, over boosting, or any of the wide variety of mishaps related to a rotary, apex seals are the part that is damaged first.

This site is meant to give information related to the 1993 (o)Mazda RX-7 Twin Turbo.  Anything from rotary engines to wiring diagrams and turbo upgrades to tuning info, this site has it all! efini 93 rx7 13b anfini Turbo RX-7 Turbo RX7 turbo rx7 rx7tt rx-7tt  As well as the Rotary Engine Pickup Truck aka REPU repu